What Is Diabetic Real Life Really?

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What is it really like to be a diabetic?

Oh, you can read about it. You can look up the medical answers online. You can watch tv, like Heartland’s last episode in season 9. You can even purchase PLR that covers the life of a diabetic.

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But, unless you have lived with Type 1 for forty years, since being a little child, experiencing the disgust of others, your parents telling people you would be dead by 20, friends afraid they’d “catch it,” all the fun that goes along with seizures, you may not have the full picture.

Oh, I’m not here to be right for the sake of being right. No. Honestly, I don’t really talk about diabetes. But, after watching that Heartland episode, I got to thinking… What if my life passes and there is another diabetic out there who needs to hear that there is hope and I am not there to share the hope that you can have, even as a diabetic?

So, this site was born. It is more of an anonymous journal. Oh, I exist alright. And, maybe, someday, I will disclose who I am. But, in the meantime, my hope is to journal what it has really been like to be diabetic for almost half a century.

My hope is that on this site you will read the ups and the downs and that I am able to provide those to you because of the anonymity. Oh, you can get the “real deal” because I am journaling everything, raw, as it is, the real deal, in presumed anonymity.

Oh, I’m not a fool. Yes, you can probably figure out who I am, but that is not the deal here. My hope is to tell it like it is so that 1) diabetics (especially young ones) know what they are getting into and 2) more importantly, they can see that they can live life to its fullest!

If you are a young diabetic reading this, remember… When I was diagnosed (yeah, take the date of this post and deduct 45 years or so), there were a lot of things that were yet undiscovered, in the world of medicine. If you have just recently been diagnosed, you do have hope. There are so many things that you have, today, that I didn’t half a century ago… but, I’ll save those for future posts, ok? So, stay tuned and I’ll share my insights, my fears, my discoveries and you can read the life of the real diabetic, as I give it to you, as my gift.

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